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Get some wonderful ideas here! If you have a garage door, you will find these tips useful

  • Lubricate the garage door torsion spring properly

    Start by checking for grease accumulations. If there are any, you should remove them with mild solvent. A citrus-based product is usually a good choice. The ideal lubricant has a light formula. It doesn’t harden or get sticky with time. It is best if you use spray. Cover all coils of the spring with a thin layer of the lubricant. Then run the door once or twice to ensure proper spreading.

  • Be well acquainted with your door opener unit

    If you plan on having a garage door opener or operator installed, it’s advisable to be familiar with it. Read the manual and be familiar with the important details especially when it comes to maintenance and troubleshooting. Avoid inducing defects or causing inefficiencies on your door operator by ensuring that it is set according to how it should be set.

  • Check the power of springs

    If you want to see whether your garage door springs are still powerful or need repairs and adjustment, disconnect the opener and try lifting the door. If you have a hard time lifting it, the springs are damaged. If the door doesn't stay open, spring repair is required.

  • Check the opener sensors frequently

    Check the sensitivity of the reverse system by testing if the door reverses when it comes in contact with an object. Make sure the photo eyes are aligned and powered. If the sensors don't work well, your safety will be at stake. The sooner you know the better!

  • Make sure the ideal seals are chosen

    Our skilled technicians recommend rubber weather seals since they are flexible and won't leave gaps. There are soft and hard rubber weather strips. The latter ones last longer. Avoid threshold bottom seals since they stick on the floor and wear out much easier.

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