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Garage Door Repair Services

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Read on to take a look at some of the problems you might encounter with your door, and how our garage door repair services will cover it!Garage Door Repair Services

Troubleshooting a Reversing Door 

If you push the button of your remote control, but your door doesn’t close, you most certainly have a problem with the safety sensors. Try to troubleshoot them by cleaning their surface and aligning them so that they face each other. If these techniques don’t help, know that our garage door repair services also include sensors replacement. You will have new and perfectly working devices in no time. When your overhead door closes only partially and then reverses, then you may have a problem with one of the tracks or cables. If you have a misaligned or bent track, we’ll repair it. In case you have a broken cable or track, we’ll install a new component which has the same specifications as the old one. Long story short – we've got you covered! 

Replacing Worn Hardware Parts 

The primary sign of wearing is noise which doesn’t go away with cleaning and lubrication. Our check will show which hardware parts are worn. You can tell not only by their looks, but by the way they sound when the door is opening and closing. For example, the cables will typically make scraping sounds which are quite annoying. Rollers will usually produce popping sounds as they roll along the tracks. Hinges might make squeaky noises. Contact us for garage door repair services, and we'll get the best replacement parts. Remember that metal rollers and hinges require regular lubrication maintenance to work well and to have a long useful life. 

Professional Garage Door Repair Services 

This usually indicates a serious problem so you should refrain from running the opener and touching the door until we arrive. Most often, the issue is caused by a broken spring which we’ll replace quickly. We are experts in installing both extension and torsion springs. Alternatively, you can have a malfunctioning motor. If it makes grinding noise, this indicates a broken internal gear and the motor repair involves changing the component. If it is silent, failure is a possibility. In this case, the solution is replacement of the faulty motor. Our services cover all opener types and brands so we’ll install your new motor without delay.

Call our company any time for professional garage door repair solutions, or browse our website for more information. 

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