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Popular Questions About Garage Doors

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Popular Questions About Garage Doors

Do you have some questions? Well then check out the FAQs below. Our garage door experts took the time to answer some of the most searched for questions, and your solution is more than likely just a quick mouse scroll away. If you want some more information, we're always happy to help.

How long will my torsion spring last?

Most modern garage door torsion springs will usually last for about 10,000 cycles, with a single cycle representing one full opening and closing of the door. Over time, however, the spring can become fatigued and may eventually break prematurely. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure it receives regular maintenance. Repeated lubrication and adjustment will reduce the wear and tear the spring goes through and increase its efficiency. Our team can help you with that.

Can I get a garage door that is reinforced against high winds?

Absolutely. These are called wind loaded doors, and they are constructed with jamb brackets and hinges, as well as a few additional components that are designed to help them withstand a lot of wind pressure. Our professional team can help you assess the risks and choose the right type of door and reinforcements to keep your home safe.

Part of my garage door has been damaged. Do I need to replace all of it?

Depending on the extent of the damage to your door, you may only need to replace the affected panels and not the entire thing. Of course, this also depends on the type of door you have and the age of the door. Call our experts to assess the damage and tell you what can be done.

I'm replacing my garage door. Do I also need a new track?

While it may be possible to keep your old track, it may not necessarily be the ideal fit for your brand new door, in terms of dimensions and alignment. Keep in mind that track-related issues can cause the door to collapse, so you shouldn't take any risks. For more information, call our experts.

Why should the opener wall switch be installed somewhere high?

The garage door opener wall switch must be placed at least five feet off the ground. The reason for this is to prevent young children from being able to reach it. You wouldn't want your kids playing with a mechanical system as large and dangerous as your garage door, so it's important that they won't be able to do so even when you're not looking.

Should I measure my garage before getting a new door?

Even if you're getting the same garage door type, it's best to know the exact measurements you'll need. After all, the door must have enough space to move, and some of its parts, like the opener and the springs, will require a minimal amount of backroom and headroom in order to fit. Our professional technicians can help you with this.


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