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Improving Garage Door Security

02/08/2015 Back To Blog

Are you worried that intruders may get into your house via the overhead door of the garage? If this is the case, you must take action without delay, eliminate all weaknesses of the existing system, and give it a higher level of security. Use some practical advice on how to achieve the best result.Improving Garage Door Security

Taking a Full Set of Measures

There are three basic measures which you can take to make the system and your entire property more secure. The first one involves keeping the garage opener remote as safe as possible. You need to place it on a keychain and keep it with you at all times. Never leave it unattended in the car or in any other place apart from your house.

The next step involves changing the access code for the door as frequently as possible. It requires extra effort, but it will keep you safe. The third step involves the installation of a lock or the replacement of the existing one with a more advanced device. In addition to the traditional bolt locks, you can consider security bars, padlocks and even devices for keeping the garage door rollers in place in case of a break-in attempt. Compare the different options based on effectiveness and price in order to make the right decision.

If the threat is serious or you have extremely valuable assets in your house and want to protect them better, consider taking major measures for security improvement. You can opt for garage door replacement. You can readily get a new door with no windows and with two layers of steel. This will make breaking in extremely difficult. A heavier unit will also make it more challenging for burglars and vandals to access it and more difficult to open manually. 

One of the most effective security measures is to obtain a new garage door opener which uses rolling code technology. This will make it practically impossible for any person to guess the code and make a clean entry. You can also consider a unit which can be operated remotely via a smartphone and which sends automatic alerts to the phone when the door is not closed. Try to make as many security improvements as possible.

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