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Garage Door Sound Troubles

03/13/2016 Back To Blog

Noise is Annoying

Garage Door Sound TroublesObviously, no garage door is completely quiet. Even belt drive openers exert some kind of sound during opening and closing procedures. Furthermore, the newest models are not particularly quiet either. This noise tends to get worse as time passes by. This is because of the increased friction between several parts of the system. When the parts lose lubrication, the friction coefficient rises and grinding noises follow. This can happen in practically every part of the mechanism that has to move frequently starting from rollers, ending with the opener. It is important to note that the noise is not indicative of a problem. It is just annoying and inconvenient. Only in the minor amount of cases does it mean that something serious is happening. The risk of such occurrences increases with the age of the opener.

DIY or Professional Help?

Noise is most easily solved by adding a lubricant to all the moving parts of the garage door system. Usually, they are based on silicone and work wonders about the noise. This task is easily manageable for any DIY enthusiast. However, if there is any doubt at all that you are up to the task, you’d better call our professionals, especially, if the garage door is old and has been through a tough life. Try to act as quick as possible in such cases, so as to avoid any safety concerns.

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